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Circular Futures is a New York City based consulting firm and think tank, passionate about helping individuals, companies and organizations to unlock the potential of a circular economy.

We live in a fast changing world. With an exploding global middle class that that grew from 1 billion in 1985 to 5 billion by 2030, nothing will stay the same. This trend, among others, presents unprecedented challenges to our economic growth model: increasing strain on the environment, increasing stress to access virgin resources, increasing competition, costs and commodity price volatility, increasing social and political pressure to maintain job and personal growth opportunities.

The current economic model, relying on large scale global supply chains and wealth differences, is a once-through model of extraction, production, retail, usage and disposal. While this model has been very successful in providing access to affordable goods to consumers, the commercial, environmental, social and political risks related to it are increasing rapidly. Meanwhile, it has left us with a bounty of opportunity as this model is inherently wasteful in meeting human needs. The alternative model that creates growth by capturing this latent value is referred to as a circular economy.

In a circular economy, value is created by reframing solutions and systems to effectively and efficiently address human needs utilizing existing and renewable resources. This dramatically increases resource productivity, boosting competitive advantage and clean growth. 

Circular Futures provides services that support clients across sectors and industries, in translating the vision of a circular economy to concrete opportunities. 


“Circular Economy is a clean growth model, not waste management 2.0”

tessa vlaanderen  |  Founder

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Tessa Vlaanderen


Tessa has supported a broad range of organizations in catalyzing and accelerating the growth of circular business. Gaining experience in The Netherlands, frontrunner in the generation of circular solutions, she worked with organizations including the Port of Rotterdam, waste management firm Van Gansewinkel (now Shanks Group), the Rabobank, chemical multinational DSM, regional economic development organizations, research institutions and startups.

Prior to being a circular economy consultant, she worked in product R&D and commercialization, process and business improvement, emission reduction and operational excellence at Shell Global Commercial and Shell Downstream Manufacturing.

Tessa holds a Master’s degree in Sustainable Process and Energy Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, both from the Delft University of Technology.


“In the second workweek of my career, almost a decade ago, I was asked to participate in an action team named “Ballast Overboard”, tasked to eliminate waste in Europe’s largest refinery. Although I shifted roles and sectors, I never stopped working on resource productivity ever since.” - Tessa