Accelerating growth of the US Remanufacturing Industry

A Stakeholder guide


"Accelerating Growth of the US Remanufacturing Industry: A Stakeholder Guide" takes a closer look at how to unlock the potential of remanufacturing to achieve accelerated growth of a circular economy in the United States.  

Remanufacturing is a circular business activity, consisting of the dismantling and rebuilding of a used product in a standardized manner, ensuring the end quality and reliability are equal to that of a new product. It is one of the most promising product recovery strategies from an added value perspective.

The US is currently the world’s largest producer, consumer, and exporter of remanufactured goods. Its remanufacturing industry is an established industry, comprising of experienced stakeholders, that has demonstrated its economic, social, environmental and strategic importance. These conditions provide a great opportunity for fast tracking circular growth. 

The industry is expected to grow as a result of current market trends and initiatives. However, in a scenario of leadership and collaboration across stakeholder groups, this growth can be significantly larger. Looking closely at case studies of key stakeholder groups, the report identifies actions that would drive this growth acceleration.

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Published: January 31, 2018


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