A circular future: which door to open?





Circular Futures helps clients translate the vision of a circular economy to concrete opportunities.

create insight

Circular Futures creates insight in current performance and future opportunities through customer engagement, systems mapping and analysis, research of relevant trends and best practices and scenario development.

explore opportunities and solutions

Circular Futures supports clients in exploring opportunities and solutions through ideation workshops and feasibility studies, assessing the impact, risk and change effort.

anchor circular thinking

Circular Futures develops customized frameworks for monitoring and managing project portfolio’s and programs, enabling sustained learning, adaptation and growth of circular solutions.

catalyze partnerships

Circular Futures organizes targeted and carefully curated events and workshops, providing fertile ground for the discovery of win-wins by developing a shared understanding of goals, challenges and road ahead. 

Circular Futures also supports pre-competitive partnerships in developing and validating opportunities. Collaboration projects include the development of pilot projects, prototypes, roadmaps and standards.




Ready to accelerate the implementation of a circular economy?